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Here’s how we help ambitious organizations change the world.

Research & Experimentation

Changing behavior starts with understanding why we do what we do. We use state-of-the-art research panels & proprietary instruments to design, run, and analyze experiments spanning tens of thousands of participants across the globe in a fast, equitable, and engaging way.

Product & Service Design

Creating impactful products and services requires a combination of scientific rigor and iterative flexibility. Our approach helps clients de-risk and optimize their investments by turning evidence into simple solutions that build trust and engagement across the user journey.

Behavior Change Design

Our proprietary behavior change frameworks combine decades of behavioral science research with cutting-edge technology and human-centered design. We use them to create long-lasting and equitable change in areas where traditional methods just don’t work.

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Six Core Beliefs

1. To be the best, go the farthest

Over the past decade, we've built our own proprietary behavior change frameworks based on work that spans tens of millions of users, hundreds of behavioral scientists, and over 12,000 shots of espresso, according to our machine.

2. Behavioral science is in our DNA

When done right, behavioral science feels obvious. It's the process of understanding what drives human behavior, so we can better connect through products, services, and organizations.

3. The engineering mindset

Applied research is nothing new - it's how the world around us was built. We apply the same engineering mindset for behavior change, focusing on what works without fixating on a single social science field.

4. Seeing the invisible

Scaling behavior change means digging deep for what matters to real people. We catalyze the influencers, represent the marginalized, and engage the burnt-out.

5. Evidence meets experience

Our clients sit at the cutting edge of their industries with incredible opportunity for impact. Our role is to empower them. We build a bridge between innovative thinkers and decades of social science research.

6. Real progress is equitable

The best behavior change initiatives are effective because they tap into something fundamental we all share. For the same reason, behavior change should be used to improve society and create win-wins.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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I worked with TDL on a global sustainability project for one of the world's best known (and loved) consumer brands. I was blown away with their application and translation of behavioural science into practice. I was so impressed (and TBH a bit envious) at the final product they created for the client which was hugely comprehensive despite the large scope.

Behavioral Insights Consultant at Multinational Coffeehouse

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When we started our mandate with TDL, we had already been working with a number of behavioral science consultancies. What was different about TDL, and the reason we keep working with them, is that they understand our on-the-ground realities, internal sales, de-risking and showing results fast.

Manager at Top-3 Insurer

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The reason we keep coming back to The Decision Lab is because they have a way of executing scientific rigor in a no-nonsense, pragmatic and effective way. No one else we have worked with has the same balance.

Senior Manager at Global Intra-governmental Agency

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